The Difference Jesus Makes
Delivered By
Pastor M. D. Hooks
Delivered On
June 22, 2014
Central Passage
Acts 16:25-34
The Difference Jesus Makes

Locked in a Philippian jail, Paul and Silas lift songs and prayers to God, in spite of their present condition.  Too many times Christians allow their present situation to rob them of their joy, their peace and their confidence in God.  But not so with Paul and Silas.  Both Paul and Silas are changed men because of the difference Jesus has made in their lives.  Once a persecutor of the church, now Paul is the persecuted.  Paul once imprisoned Christians, now he himself is imprisoned.  But this biblical account is not just about Paul and Silas, for there were prisoners listening to their songs and prayers, and there was a jailor who along with his family received the gift of salvation because God shook some things up!  Hope you are blessed by the word!!

His slave your servant,

Pastor M. D. Hooks