Lord Teach Me To Count Part III
Delivered By
Pastor M. D. Hooks
Delivered On
July 20, 2014
Central Passage
James 1:1-4
Lord Teach Me To Count Part 3

Gold is refined to remove unwanted minerals and impurities.  Some minerals such as silver and copper may be valuable themselves but they diminish the quality or the purity of the gold.  You and I may have some natural qualities which may be valuable just like the silver and the copper, but God must remove them from us and place them under His control so that He can use them as He chooses. God is refining us.  There is a purpose in every trial we face.  Many great men have endured God’s refining, and have become greater men for it.  So will you and I if we will let perseverance have its perfect work so that we may become complete, lacking nothing.

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