Lord Teach Me To Count Part II
Delivered By
Pastor M. D. Hooks
Delivered On
July 13, 2014
Central Passage
James 1:1-4
Lord Teach Me To Count

Greetings beloved, and thanks for joining me as we continue learning how to count God's style.  The first few minutes of this sermon were lost during editing (my bad), but I believe that there remains enough here to help us in our Christian walk.  We never would have learned how to count unless someone had taught us.  Well according to James it is God's desire that we learn how to count spiritually.  "Count it all joy" that is.  Some translations use the word "consider" instead of "count."  Either way it the same Greek word which speaks of "leading our minds through a process which brings us to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  First, we must understand that evey trial is a gift from God designed for our good and His glory.  Secondly, there are roadblocks and speed bumps along this path, we talked about a few of them last time, 1) lack of assurance of our salvation, 2) lack of assurance of His presence, 3) a lack of assurance of His purpose.  This week will look at the part our emotions, and our lack of spiritual insight places in keeping us from counting properly.  I hope you are blessed by the message today.

His slave your servant,

Pastor M.D. Hooks

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