Lord Teach Me To Count
Delivered By
Pastor M. D. Hooks
Delivered On
June 30, 2014 at 10:15 AM
Central Passage
James 1:1-4
Lord Teach Me To Count

The wonderful Book of James begins with one the most difficult commands in all the Bible.  The command to "count it all joy" when we are facing the trials of life has challenged, convicted and perhaps even discouraged many Christians throughout the ages.  We realize that God does not ever call us to do what He does not empower us to do, through His strength.  But how many of us have arrived at this place of such trust and peace in God that we can experiece total joy in the midst of our storms.  Through today's message and those to follow in this series "Lord Teach Me To Count" I pray that the Holy Spirit will move us closer to that place where we can truly "count it all joy." We will look at what I believe to be some foundational principles, or truthes we must possess in this process.  Truthes such as:

1) The Assurance of His Presence

2) The Assurance of His Purpose

3) The Assurance of Your Salvation

Enjoy and be blessed!

His slave your servant,

Pastor M. D. Hooks

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